Historical Overview



The history of our School begins around the end of the 19th century with the appearance of the first ski-equipment. A short time after, the first skis were built by local craftsmen who initially used them for their personal use, then spread them among guests and villagers.

In 1902 the Austrian Alpine Club (Cortina was part of Austria from 1512 to 1916) organized the first free courses for ski instructors. Among the villagers, the first to become ski instructors were Alpine Guides.

By 1920 ski instructors were working on the slopes in Cortina.

In 1926, the Sports Club Dolomiti established a commission for the unification of the education system. A small Ski School wich sold tickets for admission to regular grouplessons was formed. This is the first example in Italy of a ski school association.


On December the 15th 1933, the organization ‘Scuola Nazionale di Sci’ was founded. This is the first Ski School in Italy established with a valid authorization from F.I.S.I through the notarial deed No. 431, No. 805 by Mattevi Felice.

The organization sold sporting goods and ran a National Ski School, with the aim to organize and improve ski programs for instructors; the starting capital was L. 20,000. The Ski School was directed by Mario Bernasconi, the first ski instructor to be recognized by F.I.S.I (badge No. 1). It was decided that, at the beginning of each winter, a refresher course was mandatory for all instructors of the School. Those courses continue today. The Cortina Ski School started a promotional campaign by printing brochures in Italian and also in English.

In the year 1938 there were 72 instructors who were put in charge of training the new instructors.

On November 10, 1945 at the initiative of some teachers, the ski instructor Association “Scuola Sci Cortina” was founded.

The Ski School, conducted with professionalism and efficiency, offered an example to the other various winter sports centers which then set up Ski Schools of their own.

On November 18, 1963 Giampaolo Frigerio, Piero Bosticco, Vittorio Carpineti, Alberto Demetz, Renato Valle and Guerrino Frigerio founded the Italian Ski Instructors Association A.M.S.I., with the aim of defending and promoting the category of ski instructors which until then had been ruled by the Italian Winter Sports Federation who had a monopoly on the field.



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